Kutch district is a district of Gujarat state in western India. Covering an area of 45,652 km², it is the largest district of India
  • Rann of Kutch
    Rann of Kutch

    The Rann is an unusual place — miles and miles of greys, whites and blacks formed by salty mudflats and shimmering stretches of water. It’s a vast seasonal marshland, for months inundated with seawater, which then dries up leaving behind large swathes of salt.

  • Dholavira

    Dholavira narrates the story of the Old World, once upon a time it was where one of humanity's earliest and greatest civilizations flourished. Considered as one of the greatest cities of the Indus Valley civilization, set in the middle of what is now Kutch Desert

Morbi - 239 Kms.
Rajkot - 300 Kms.
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